Energy saving factors and shutdown operation of vacuum pump

2019-07-30 10:21
Energy saving factors and shutdown operation of vacuum pump
considering the operation principle and performance characteristics of the vacuum pump, the outlet throttle regulation mode consumes the most power during its operation. From this, it can be seen that it is very important for users to adopt a reasonable adjustment mode during the use period for energy saving in production. however, when the relative flow of the swirl pump does not change significantly, or when the range of regulation is relatively small, no matter which mode of regulation is adopted, its energy consumption is not very different.

That is to say, the effect of the adjustment method on energy saving is not obvious. Usually, when the adjustment depth increases, the energy-saving effect will gradually become obvious. & nbsp; & nbsp; therefore, under such circumstances, we need to carefully select the appropriate adjustment mode, so that in the process of using the whirlpool pump, we can obtain the greatest energy-saving benefits. In this case, the speed change curve is close to the ideal curve.

Therefore, the way of variable speed regulation is superior, especially the energy-saving scheme of variable frequency motor speed regulation is the best, but the frequency conversion device needs to be added. Especially the small and medium capacity variable frequency speed regulation, may as well try to use. Of course, in the use period, not only the initial investment cost, but also the reliability and cost of use should be taken into account.

during the working period, swirl pump shutdown operation is also more important. Especially in some emergencies, we need to take emergency shutdown. For example, in the process of unit trial operation, if it is found that the equipment suddenly appears violent vibration, and has exceeded the tripping value, or there is scratch or abnormal friction sound inside the body, it is necessary to shut down the equipment in time.  and after the end of the production task, the normal shutdown mode should be adopted. At this time, the operation steps are as follows: 1. Slowly open the vent valve (or exit bypass valve) and gradually close the exhaust valve; 2. Slowly close the intake throttle to 20-25&deg Oil.

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