Problems needing attention in the use of side channel blower

2019-07-26 18:32
No matter which brand of high-pressure fan, it needs to be protected from both pressure and dust.
For pressure, pressure relief valves are commonly used, that is, pressure relief valves. When the pressure of the high-pressure fan exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the pressure relief valve will automatically open and release the overpressure, thus protecting the high-pressure fan.
For dust, filters are often used. According to the different places of use, different filter elements are often used, and the filtering accuracy is also different. Different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life. Make sure you ask clearly when ordering.
In some special cases, special protection is also required. For example, when using in sealed environment, attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation; when the ambient temperature (when the inlet temperature is higher), attention should be paid to ventilation and heat dissipation, or choose high-pressure fans that allow higher inlet temperature.
If the maintenance of high-pressure fan is done well in the initial stage of use, a lot of trouble will be saved in the use process, the production efficiency will be improved, and the service life of high-pressure fan will be prolonged.

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