Gas pump knowledge collection

2019-07-22 16:55
You may feel strange when you listen to the whirlpool pump. In fact, it is often seen in our lives, such as car tires. Simply put, the air pump generates gas and power through internal mechanical operation for mechanical operation. Air pumps can be divided into several categories, including manual air pumps and foot air pumps, and an electric air pump. Manual and foot pumpes, as the name suggests, are driven by labor. The manual air pump requires constant compressed air, but the power is not big. The thing we used to pump the balloon when we were young was the manual air pump. Some small inflatable toys can also be inflated with the manual air pump. Everyone is familiar with the foot-pneumatic pump. The gas cylinder for pumping the bicycle is the gas pump. The gas generated by the foot pump is larger than the manual air pump. However, because it is a foot, it is actually more labor-saving than the manual air pump. The electric air pump is of course powered by electricity, does not require manual work, and generates more gas and power, so it is widely used in industrial production.
There is a kind of air pump called a vortex air pump. The working principle of the vortex air pump is the principle of centrifugal force. The gas in the air pump can circulate and generate airflow, and the generated energy is very high. Moreover, the vortex air pump is very small in size, light in weight, and convenient to carry and carry. The most important thing is that the noise is very low and almost no noise. Therefore, the scope of use is becoming wider and wider.

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