New use of vortex vacuum pump

2019-07-22 16:46
With the continuous development of economy and technology, we have continuously introduced advanced foreign technology and new technology. The vortex air pump has been widely used in industrial equipment, equipment production, and civil equipment.
1, textile equipment: vortex vacuum pump, high-speed hosiery machine; coating thickness control and ensure uniform thickness, remove moisture, boring, drawing machine.
2, plastic auxiliary machine and center feeding system: in the application of the casting machine, in order to ensure high-speed production, to ensure uniform casting film, the cooling roller dominant knife makes the film and the surface of the cooling roller form a thin layer of air, vortex The air pump evenly cools the film; it is used together for vacuum loading, boring, dehumidification and central feeding systems for injection molding machines.
3, computer monitors, LCD monitors, printed circuit boards and other products can be used in the use of vortex air pump cleaning, water cutting, drying and other printed circuit board equipment.
4. It can be used in wire and cable equipment to remove water, oil, boring, static electricity, such as water removal by air conditioning fine copper tube.
5, in the coating equipment can be used to control the thickness of the coating and ensure uniform thickness; can dry, remove moisture, large area high temperature drying, coating thickness control; after plating, water cut dry, oil and other metal surface treatment.
6. Vortex air pump is used for pneumatic conveying of cans; beverage bottles, cans and various packaged foods are used for coding or labeling before cutting, boring and other food and beverage filling equipment.
7, printing equipment: screen printing machinery; UV glazing machine, printing ink within 1-5 seconds of boring boring.
8. It can be used for the collection and purification of toxic and harmful gases, air treatment equipment for recycling, and gas detection equipment for atmospheric environment.
9, especially suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine, electronic professional PCB board cleaning and drying machine, authentic car cleaning machine (car washing machine), commercial dishwasher, glass cleaning machine and other cleaning equipment.
10. The vortex air pump can be used for fish culture in water surface aeration, aeration, oxygenation and aeration systems.
11. It can be used in tires and rubber equipment to remove water/oil, dry and static.

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