side channel blowers of sewage treatment plant

2019-07-18 14:08
Answer: (1) General biological treatment plants adopt blast aeration or surface aeration. Surface aeration is mainly realized by rotating brush aeration, which is a necessary equipment for oxidation ditch. The other processes mostly adopt blast aeration. Blowing aeration is mainly realized by side channel blower. This paper takes the blast aeration system as an example to illustrate that its monomer test run and preliminary acceptance are as follows:
The air filter is equipped with a pressure difference meter between front and back.
(2) Blower on-site switch cabinet (automatic control system).
(3) Blower cooling system and lubrication system.
(4) Insulation test of high voltage power supply.
_High-voltage power supply and protection system of blower.
_Gas supply pipeline system (considering the effect of cold expansion and heat contraction) and gate, check valve and drain valve.
Water-cooled and oil-cooled system of biogas engine (driving blower). Flammable and toxic gas alarm system. Ventilation system.
(2) Attention should be paid to the following matters: (1) Blower operators and maintenance personnel shall be provided by the supplier in advance. Only after passing the actual examination can we participate in commissioning and operation. The operation of biogas engines and high-voltage motors should be carefully trained, with slight carelessness. The lighter damage the equipment, the heavier damage the machine and injure the personnel.
(2) When preliminary acceptance and single-machine debugging are carried out, the technical personnel of the supplier must go to the site for guidance and direct participation until the stable operation lasts for about half a year.
(3) Noise hazards are great when the fan is running, so the operator should be equipped with noise-proof equipment when debugging. Fire protection facilities should be provided in the blower room.
(4) There should be close cooperation between automatic control and power supply personnel in commissioning. The debugging of biogas engine can not be debugged until there is enough biogas. The fuel biogas of biogas engine should also do a good job of desulfurization, avoid corrosion of equipment, excessive tail gas and other adverse factors.

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