Application of Woodworking Engraving Machine with turbo blow

2019-07-12 17:47
Application of Woodworking Engraving Machine with turbo blower

1. There are two vacuum pipes and a dust collecting cover beside the cutter under the cross beam of the woodworking engraving machine. The dust collecting bag, filter system and fan are placed beside the engraving machine. Our fan can be used here to absorb the wood chips and dust scattered by the milling cutter when processing flat materials, so as to keep the woodworking engraving machine working. The environment at work is clean.
2. There are many clearly visible and uniformly distributed holes on the platform of woodworking engraving machine for processing flat materials. These holes are used to absorb and process materials so as not to move them. Under the platform, there is a vacuum groove. These holes are processed from the top of the vacuum groove. In order to make flat materials fixed on the platform, we need to make sure that the flat materials are fixed on the platform. It is necessary to use a fan or vacuum pump to vacuum the vacuum tank so that the pressure in the vacuum tank is lower than the external atmospheric pressure, so that the processed flat material is tightly pressed on the processing platform by the atmospheric pressure, and will not move during processing.

Cautions for Use of turbo blower in Woodworking Engraving Machine

1. When processing flat materials with high hardness, attention should be paid to the use of cutting fluids. Do not flow the cutting fluids into the holes of adsorbed materials on the platform in large quantities, in order to avoid the cutting fluids being sucked into the blower and causing unnecessary damage to the blower.
2. When the fan is placed in the environment of engraving machine processing, it is inevitable that sawdust and dust will accumulate on the motor surface and pump body surface of the fan. It should be removed in time so as to avoid the fan burning due to the bad heat dissipation of the fan.
3. Whether the fan is fixed with sawdust, dust or materials, it must install filters or use FLS series filter barrels. In the environment with more dust, FLS filter barrels can only do secondary filtration, and appropriate filters should be installed at the front end.
4. Blowers with suction function are used in engraving machines, and suitable pressure relief valves are installed as appropriate to avoid overload caused by blowers.
5. Suggestions for proper selection of pipes, valves, elbows and other fittings to prevent excessive loss of pipeline pressure;
6. When the fan is installed, the base should be fixed as far as possible to reduce the noise caused by the vibration of the fan; the base must be fixed for the high-power fan, so as to avoid the vibration or excessive torque when the fan starts causing the fan to fall and rub.



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