How to control the noise of side channel blower products?

2022-12-19 16:39

Noise originates from the vibration of items. side channel blower noise is mainly composed of three components:

1. Solid vibration radiation sound generated by general resonance of side channel blower turning and also electro-magnetic sound during electric motor procedure;
2, the air inlet as well as outlet radiation of the wind resistant noise (the major source of noise), the air flow of the dynamic sound;
Among them: pneumatic sound mostly consists of rotating sound and eddy current noise.
3. Solid vibration sound produced by the framework, electric motor and also bearing on the side channel blower, as well as mechanical noise created by the side channel blower throughout operation.

side channel blower sound is generally composed of 2 and also 3. The dynamic sound is brought on by swirl present or abrupt pressure of the liquid, and the mechanical sound is brought on by mechanical vibration. The air vibrant noise of high pressure side channel blower is larger than that of medium as well as low pressure side channel blower.

How to regulate the noise of side channel blower items?

1. Add isolation cover
2. Mount silencer.
3. Wrap with a tube line.
4. Sound insulation procedures shall be taken at the start of side channel blower installation.
5, mount the side channel blower to take resonance isolation.

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