Storage and handling precautions of side channel blowers

2022-12-09 15:45

Take you straight to see the operation of Side channel blowers in the storage space procedure there are several indicate take notice of:

1, according to the tools packaging checklist, check whether the primary device size of impeller, casing and other parts (such as the center distance of the anchor hole, inlet and also exhaust flange aperture as well as azimuth and facility distance, center altitude of shaft, and so on) is consistent with the design;
2. The revolving instructions of the impeller should satisfy the regulations of the technical documents of the tools;
3, the inlet and exhaust port ought to be carefully covered by the cover plate to stay clear of dirt and also debris going into;
4, check Side channel blowers exposed local processing surface rust avoidance standing, and blades can attack obvious contortion or major rust, bruises, such as the above situation should be jointly with the pertinent devices for conversation as well as disposal.

The handling and also lifting of Side channel blowers will abide by the list below needs:

1, the total device Side channel blowers, managing and raising rope, will not be connected to the rotor as well as the case or bearing cover of the ring;
2. For the Side channel blowers assembled on website, the binding of the rope shall not harm the surface area of the maker parts as well as the facility holes at both ends of the blades and also the gear shaft, the thrust surface area of the bearing bush and also the end face of the thrust plate, the connecting bolt openings, the blades journal and the shaft seal shall not be made use of as the binding parts;
3. The fan blades and also casing with unique media are covered with an upkeep layer, which ought to be strictly kept and also will not be damaged; 4. The rotor and gear shaft should not be rolled or moved straight on the ground.

Side channel blowers inlet pipeline, exhaust pipe, shutoff conditioning installation as well as gas heating right into cooling down installment of the oil system pipe ought to have a different assistance and also strong connection with the base or other structures; When linking the pipeline with Side channel blowers, the flange surface need to be level between, and need to not be drawn as well as strained. Side channel blowers covering ought to decline the weight of other parts to prevent shell deformation. After completion of the pipe device, the different coaxiality of the device need to be retested to see if it can fulfill the demand.

The pipeline of Side channel blowers smooth, oil air conditioning as well as securing system should be cleansed and also smooth, as well as the pressure part should be evaluated for strength. The speculative stress must be 1.25 ~ 1.5 times of the highest possible working pressure when the tools technological files have no rules. The experimental pressure ought to be 1.05 times of the functioning pressure. The smooth and also closed pipelines prepared on site must be picked up rust removal and also cleansing.

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