Air knife working principle and applicaiton

2022-12-12 16:53

What is an air knife? Exactly how the air knife works

The air blade is in fact the air from the high pressure fan right into the air blade, with a thickness of just 1 mm of the air sheet burnt out at broadband. With the concept of Kornda result as well as the unique geometry of the wind blade, this thin sheet air curtain can be 30 ~ 40 times the ambient air, and also create a slim high intensity, big air movement effect air drape. Wind blades are separated into 2 types in regards to working mode: basic wind blades and also Super wind blades. Dereike EA standard wind blades blow out after the wind drape is deflected 90 degrees, while Super wind blades burn out flat.

What's the use of a air blade

The air knife can be driven by vortex fans or Dereike high-pressure followers and also high-speed centrifugal fans (instead of compressed air with high power intake). It uses different followers as well as Dereike air blade to attain a multitude of applications such as blowing water, blowing dust and dirt removal, such as blowing dirt and water on the plane of steel plate, aluminum alloy accounts, blowing water externally of beverage bottles, packaging cans and also other containers. Burn out the pollutants externally of the product dirt, residual liquid, moisture on the outer packaging, and also conveyor belt cleansing.

The application of air knife

1. Electronic sector: the digital circuit board is quickly coiffure prior to assembly.
2. Chemical sector: Prior to labeling or product packaging, the surface chemical substances or moisture should be blown off.
3. Printing (inkjet): inkjet, dirt, debris, water vapor blowing prior to printing, or made use of in ink quick air drying out
4, rubber and plastic industry: surprise the item surface dust or particles. Dry before casting or expeling. The product is cooled after injection creating.
5, food and also medicine: before manufacturing or packaging, the water as well as add-ons should be surprised, or prior to landing the opening and also bag dirt.
6. Beverage canning as well as bottle making: Prior to labeling, inkjet or product packaging of drink bottles, blow out the water and add-ons on the mouth or body of the bottle.
7, metal industry: from the metal surface to blow coolant or various other liquids. Dry or cool down the surface area before brightening, electroplating, spray painting.
8, auto sector: used to blow out the additional water, coolant, dust, particles in the manufacturing, in addition to the steel plate before repainting the air cooling, drying out, dirt removal.

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