Precautions for starting and maintaining electric air blower

2022-07-29 10:14

electric air blower

air blower
is a common mechanical equipment, the following electric air blower start-up and operation maintenance precautions will be conducive to better operation of electric air blower.
I. Precautions for starting electric air blower:
1. Before starting the high-pressure fan, the fan inlet regulating damper should be tightly closed to prevent misoperation and start with load.
2. Check whether the lubricating oil level of the bearing is normal, the water supply of the cooling water pipe, the coupling is in good condition, and the door of the access hole is closed.
3, pay attention to the start time and no-load current is normal.
4. After the ammeter indicates the return to no-load current, the air valve opening can be adjusted in the appropriate position.
Two, electric air blower maintenance process note:
1. Regularly remove dust, dirt, water and other impurities in the high-pressure fan and gas transmission pipeline, and prevent rust.
2. electric air blower repair must be shut down first, absolutely not allowed in operation, switch should be monitored by special personnel, in case of power transmission midway.
3. The sensitivity of thermometer and oil mark should be checked regularly.
4. In addition to replacing the lubricating oil after each disassembly and repair, the lubricating oil should be replaced regularly.
5. Before and after each maintenance, the number of tools and raw materials should be carefully recorded, counted and checked to avoid forgetting in the high-pressure fan and pipeline.
6. There is no need to stand within 10 meters in the inlet and outlet direction of high-pressure fan during test run.
7. During installation, maintenance and commissioning, irrelevant personnel are strictly prohibited to be present.

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