7.5kW centrifugal fan air volume

2022-07-12 15:34
Fan is a general equipment fan, then 7.5KW centrifugal fan air volume is how much, today let PChouse to tell you. The fan has two main parameters: air volume, air pressure (static pressure), the fan is through the air volume, air pressure to choose the size of the fan model, the fan shaft power, and then match the motor. The air volume of 7.5KW centrifugal fan is generally 30000.

Fan is a kind of energy-consuming equipment, big proportion of the consumption of power resources in stone processing, as the growing of China's energy shortage and the popularization and application of high yield, high efficiency work face, saving energy and reducing consumption has become a common concern on the stone material production enterprises, many stone production enterprises to reduce the power consumption of the fan as the current important work.

In addition to improving the efficiency of the fan itself, the reasonable selection of fan regulation is the most important, because the load of stone production changes with the needs of the process, most fans need to adjust the flow according to the host load.

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