Precautions for the use of industrial blowers

2022-07-12 15:26
There are many types of industrial blowers, generally centrifugal, axial flow, and roots blowers.
The blower structure
Today xiaobian and you analyze the daily maintenance knowledge of industrial blower equipment:
1, industrial blower in the use of the process should try to adhere to the surface cleaning, air inlet, outlet can not have debris. Industrial blower production workshop
In addition, the dust and other debris in the blower and tube should be cleaned regularly.
2, to make up for or replace lubricating oil on the industrial blower bearing regularly, in order to ensure that the industrial blower has a good working state, refueling times are not less than 1000 hours/time, to stop the lack of oil work.
3. Power supply lines for industrial blowers shall be dedicated lines, and temporary lines shall not be used for long-term power supply.
At the same time, we must adhere to the sufficient capacity of power supply equipment, stable voltage, can not work in the absence of phase.

4, if it is found that there is abnormal sound in the working process of industrial blowers, severe heating of the motor, electric shell, switch trip and other scenes, it should be stopped for maintenance immediately.
In addition, in order to ensure safety, industrial blowers should not be repaired during operation.
After maintenance, it should be run for about five minutes, and then start work after admitting that there is no abnormality.

5. When not in use, industrial blowers should be stored in a dry environment as far as possible to prevent the motor from damp;
Industrial blower in the leakage angel, need to install rain cover;
In the process of transfer after storage, the blower should be prevented from knocking against and damaging industrial blower components.

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