Small method of blower noise reduction

2022-07-11 14:42
To reduce the noise generated during the operation of centrifugal blowers, we can take appropriate measures from multiple aspects. The following is the summary of xinfeng blower's noise reduction strategy for centrifugal blowers. For example, in view of the noise generated by the shell part, Xinfeng recommends that you adopt the micro-perforated plate sound absorption structure, and do not add filler in the middle of the sandwich, so that the effect of noise reduction can be achieved.
If you want to further reduce noise, you also need to pay attention to keep the perforation rate of the inner wall of the centrifugal blower equipment between 1% and 3%, and you can choose a sandwich or two sandwich, the gap between the sandwich should be kept between 50 and 100mm. Through comparative analysis, this method can reduce noise obviously on the basis of maintaining blower performance. Or the liner can also be attached to the outside of the whole shell, but also has a better noise reduction effect.
We can also improve the structure of impeller gas channel to achieve the purpose of noise reduction. In fact, when designing the impeller of centrifugal blower equipment, we need to pay close attention to the impeller inlet speed and deceleration degree, because it can appropriately reduce the impeller flow rate, reduce flow loss, and also help reduce noise.
In view of the noise generated by the inlet and outlet of the centrifugal blower equipment, the more effective noise reduction method is to install the sound-absorbing muffler before and after the inlet. Furthermore, we can also improve the structure of the blower's cochlea tongue. In the process of improvement, the edge line of cochlea tongue and the main shaft are inclined. The specific inclination is generally determined according to the aerodynamic model of the blade and the tangential direction of the wind speed of the blade outlet, and finally achieves the effect of noise reduction.
It should be noted that in the process of improvement, the air outlet blade of the centrifugal blower equipment should be slightly forward, and the air inlet blade should be properly swept back, so as to avoid too fast expansion of the flow channel or serious air separation. In this way, not only the flow efficiency can be improved, but also vortex noise can be reduced.

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