Causes and solutions of blower coil leakage

2022-07-11 14:29
With the continuous development of fan coil technology, the application of the field also becomes larger, now mainly used in offices, hospitals, scientific research institutions and other places. Fan coil is the use of high frequency of equipment, so fan coil often appear a variety of problems, such as why the fan coil leakage, how to solve it?

1, if the water leakage in the fan coil water tray, it is mainly the insulation material on the problem, the need to strengthen the insulation, can be excluded.
2, such as water leakage in the catchment disc, it is condensed water pipe flow condensation water not overflow water fan coil units, we just dredge condensate pipe, use to prepare a 4, 5 meter long plastic tube, a head of inserted into the condensed water discharge pipe, a pick up in the bathroom faucet (can make a small joint, the threaded screw on the faucet), use the water pressure, the pipeline dredge, Or blow with a carbon dioxide cylinder.
It is noted that the phenomenon of fan coil condensate pipe blockage is often, this is mainly because there is water in the fan coil pipe, coupled with the appropriate temperature, easy to make algae breeding growth, produce gelatinous slippery very thick residue, the condensate pipe blocked. It is recommended that algaecide be placed in the fan coil catchment pan to reduce the hazard.
3. If the condensate discharge pipe of the central air conditioning fan coil is always blocked, there will often be water leaking down from above. Once it is blocked, there will be a lot of biological silt, and it is dirty. In addition to regular cleaning, it is recommended to thoroughly flush the system for descale, check whether a filter is added to the fan coil air return port, and whether the pipeline installation slope meets the requirements.
Of course, cleaning is a palliative. Fan coil condensate is often blocked because there is too much dust in the area where the equipment is located and the drip tray is often contaminated. In fact, the biological scale is basically environmental dirt. In addition to cleaning, maintenance of equipment is the most important.

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