The use of fresh air exchanger has the effect of purifying air

2022-07-11 14:27
When lifting the fresh air ventilator, we can install rubber pads or spring pads to reduce the vibration of the body. We can use soundproof (low voice) ceilings. We can't use the weak data to hang the fresh air exchanger. By adjusting the installation of new fans, we can deal with some of the noise problems caused by new fans. In different local selection of fresh air ventilation machine, everyone's understanding of fresh air ventilation machine is different. For example, many new wind ventilators are used in buildings for ventilation and fresh air, and a few buildings are used to remove harmful gases, and some buildings are used to prevent mold and odors.

Fresh air systems have been purchased and used. Fresh air exchanger manufacturers have many advantages in the home heat recovery fresh air system and can supply clean fresh air from the outside. But not all external air is as clean as we imagine, which is why air filters are planned at the intake of the system.
Put the fresh air ventilator equipment in an end to the local theme activities. When the fresh air exchanger is lifted, rubber plates or spring pads can be installed to reduce the oscillation of the shell. Choose sound insulation and noise reduction (low sound permeation) ceiling. The fresh air unit can adhere to the circulation of indoor air, and at the same time can constitute a constant humidity space indoors, so as to prevent the influence of dry and wet. - Shangyu fan

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