Seven characteristics of Ring blower

2022-07-08 17:10
In general, Ring blower have the following characteristics:
1, with blowing and sucking double function, one machine dual use, can use suction, can also use blower;
2, less oil or no oil operation, the output air is clean;
3. Relative to centrifugal fans and medium-pressure fans, the pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fans.
4, if the pump body is overall die-casting, and the use of shockproof installation foot, then it is very low requirements for the installation foundation, and even can not fix the foot can operate normally, very convenient, but also very save the installation cost and installation cycle;
5, relative to other types of fans, such as Roots fans, the operation noise is lower, the greater the power is more obvious, 5.5KW above will be displayed;
6, maintenance free use; Its loss parts are only two bearings, within the warranty period, basically do not need maintenance;
7, the mechanical wear of high pressure fan is very small, because in addition to the bearing, there is no other mechanical contact part, so, of course, the service life is very long, as long as it is under normal use conditions, 10 years is completely no problem.

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