Maintenance technical problems of centrifugal blowers

2022-07-04 14:46
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Wear of blowers transmission part is a common equipment problem, including wear of bearing position of extractor blowers, bearing chamber, bearing position of blower shaft, etc. In view of the above problems of centrifugal blowerss, the traditional repair methods include surfacing, thermal spraying, brush passing, etc., but all have certain disadvantages: the thermal stress caused by high temperature in repair welding cannot be completely eliminated, and it is easy to form material damage, leading to twists and turns or fracture of components; And brush plating is limited by the thickness of the coating, easy to fall off, and the above two methods are metal correction metal, can not change the "hard to hard" relationship, under the induction of each force, will still form the plastic drum again wear.
Centrifugal blowerss are characterized by fast pressure rise, which mainly depends on the width of the impeller, the functional characteristics of the air and the appropriate large flow. The air flow fits the similar law. Under the condition of the same pressure and constant flow rate, the flow changes linearly with the increase of the impeller width. Usually you will need a vortex chamber with suction and exhaust.  This also makes tangential blowerss the first choice for waste gas treatment devices.
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Larger impellers are used because of the use of a double intake blowers structure. Air enters through a double inlet grid, flows through the impellers, and finally exits again. The whole process has a high velocity of air, but very low noise. The external rotor motor in our specification uses a single inlet blowers, while the EW motor uses a double inlet blowers. The shaft ends of the external rotor motor are not rotating, together this structure can also be used as a damping bracket in the rotating chamber.  Depending on the size required by the plan, the rotating chamber of this type of blowers is usually made of aluminum, galvanized iron sheet or plastic.
In view of the above problems, western countries choose the correction method of polymer composite materials, and the use of more is the American Blessing blue technology system, which has super adhesion, excellent compressive strength and other inductive functions, can be free of disassembly and machining. Neither repair welding thermal stress effect, correction thickness is not limited, a product with metal materials do not have the concession, can absorb the shock of equipment, avoid again wear may, in the use of centrifugal blowers fault correction in China has gradually replaced the traditional method.

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