Most people do not know the application of induced draft blowers in steelmaking

2022-07-04 14:45
Most people do not know the application of induced draft fan in steelmaking
China's iron and steel enterprises from ore to steel smelting through ore sintering, ironmaking and steelmaking and other primary training process, that is, the whole process of iron and steel training are inseparable from induced draft fans. The ore for training should be sintered before training, sintering should use sintering machine, and sintering furnace needs flue gas main draw induced draft fan and cooling induced draft fan.
Now, the centrifugal blower produced by this occupation has dozens of varieties and specifications for pumping sintering gas. Now, the D1600 and D2000 centrifugal blower produced by a factory in Shenyang is taken as an example. This type of induced draft fan is for the workshop covering an area of 18 ~ 24 square meters, attributed to single stage single suction double support structure, electric motor directly driven. The cast iron casing is split horizontally into upper and lower halves, and the lower casing is mounted on the left and right cast iron bases. The rotor is composed of high quality carbon steel spindle, low alloy structural steel welded impeller and shaft sleeve.
Oxygen is very important in the steel training process. In terms of steelmaking methods, there are mainly oxygen top blown bof steelmaking, oxygen bottom blown bof steelmaking, open hearth molten pool blowing oxygen steelmaking, electric furnace oxygen steelmaking and so on. Especially oxygen top blown converter steelmaking has become a primary way of rapid development of iron and steel industry. Although there are many kinds of fans used in metallurgical industry, it is relatively difficult. Those which can represent the level of fan planning and production can be divided into three kinds, namely axial flow compressor, sintering induced draft fan and blast furnace gas recovery turbine power generation equipment. All of these three kinds of fans in foreign technology level is higher than domestic, and foreign advanced technology level is the future development trend of domestic should actively try. Coke is the primary fuel and reducing agent for training steel, as well as proppant and loosening agent for particles in blast furnace, and the gas in the coke oven must be extracted by induced draft fan, part of which is used as fuel for the coke oven, part of which is sent to the steel mill as fuel after pressure, and the other part is used for producing other products.

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