Common problems and solutions of high pressure blower

2022-06-08 10:08
In general, what kind of problems often occur when we use high pressure blower?

What is the difference between high pressure blower and general blower? The specific information is as follows: according to statistics, the pressure of high pressure blower is of great concern to most users and is also the most important detail. Because the pressure of the blower directly affects the use effect of the high-pressure blower, the pressure of the blower must be controlled in the most suitable range.

The pressure relief valve is often used for pressure. When the pressure of the high-pressure blower exceeds the pressure set by the pressure relief valve, the pressure relief valve will automatically open, so as to release the excess pressure and protect the blower.

At the same time, due to the working environment of the high-pressure blower, the high-pressure blower will always be unable to avoid some dust, but too much dust will inevitably have a certain impact on the use effect of the high-pressure blower, and even lead to a lot of implicated faults of the blower. For dust, a filter is usually used.

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