Introduction to the basic knowledge of explosion-proof high pressure blower

2022-06-06 09:35
Introduction to basic knowledge of explosion-proof side channel blower Explosion-proof blower is a special type of fan, specially used in flammable and explosive places, commonly used in petrochemical industry, etc. Its main purpose is to isolate motor terminals, stator and rotor or other components in the process of starting and running fan spark and flammable and explosive gas contact, resulting in safety accidents.
High pressure Explosion-proof blower is suitable for the presence of explosive gas mixture;

1. Explosion-proof blower is used in the explosive danger of the occasion of the fan, it in addition to the working condition of the required fan characteristics, but also must meet the requirements of explosion-proof.

2. Explosion-proof blowers must adopt explosion-proof motors; The flow parts of the Explosion-proof blower (impeller, volute, etc.) must be made of soft and hard materials. Generally speaking, it must be soft and hard between rotating parts and fixed parts, so as to prevent the friction or collision between parts from sparking when failure occurs. The more common material coordination is that the blade, front plate, back plate and blade rivet of the impeller are made of 2A01 duralumin, and the volute is made of galvanized sheet.

3. Compact structure, elegant appearance, lightweight design, convenient installation. Adopt famous brand compressor, refrigeration (heating), stable and reliable performance, low noise, power consumption, long service life. Adopting compound explosion-proof type and perfect measures of overheating and pressure protection, the whole machine is safe and reliable in explosion-proof. Advanced control technology, temperature and air volume can be adjusted. If the impeller made of duralumin cannot meet the strength requirements, galvanized plate impeller can also be used, and a thin layer of duralumin lining is covered on the surface of the volute.

4. It has a dual function of breathing, a machine can absorb can blow, oil or no oil, less output air is clean, compared with the centrifugal fan and medium-pressure fans, the pressure is much higher, often is the centrifugal fan is more than ten times, if the pump body whole die-casting, installed with shockproof foot, also to install basic requirement is very low, even without the fixed foot can run normally, is very convenient, Save installation costs and installation cycles, and operate with less noise compared to similar fans, like RHG's ultra-quiet Eddy Current fan :

5. Maintenance-free use; There are only two bearings in the wear parts, so there is no need to repair them during the warranty period. EX Explosion-proof blower has very little mechanical wear, because there are no other mechanical contact parts except bearings, so of course it has a long service life. As long as it is under normal use conditions, 3~5 years completely no problem, simple installation, easy to use!

6. The whole material is made of aluminum alloy, the motor is explosion-proof motor, there is absolutely no friction sparks, the use is more reliable, explosion-proof performance is better, Explosion-proof blower adopts YB series high efficiency energy-saving flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor,

The main advantages are as follows: explosion-proof performance conforms to the new electrical safety standards: explosion-proof performance conforms to GB3836.1-2010 "Electrical Equipment used in Explosive Gas Environment part 1 General Requirements" and GB3836.2-2010 "Electrical Equipment used in Explosive Gas environment Part 2 Flameproof TYPE D", and also conforms to IEC60079-1 and European standards. High anti-explosion, reliable running of motor protection adopts IP55, axis wear with v-shaped shaft sealing ring, junction box adopts circular connector and sealing ring, improve precision of the main parts processing and stand structure of parallel vertical fin, mechanical and electrical design measures such as increase the cooling area, and improve the dustproof, waterproof, etc, make the motor run more reliable.

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