Do you know the difference between explosion-proof blowers and non-explosion-proof blowers ?

2022-06-06 09:27
Explosion-proof blowers function Explosion-proof blowers is used in places with explosion risk. In addition to meeting the requirements of working conditions, it must also meet the requirements of explosion-proof.
Explosion-proof fan
1, Explosion-proof blowerss must use explosion-proof motor;

2. The flow parts of the Explosion-proof blowers (impeller, volute, etc.) must be made of soft and hard materials. In general, that is, between rotating parts and fixed parts, one must be soft and one must be hard to prevent friction or collisions between parts from generating sparks in the event of failure. The more common material collocation is that the blade, front plate, back plate and blade rivet of the impeller are made of 2A01 duralumin, and the volute is made of galvanized sheet. If the impeller made of duralumin cannot meet the strength requirements, the impeller made of galvanized sheet can also be used, and the volute surface is covered with a thin duralumin lining.

Explosion-proof blowerss are different from other fans:

1. Different motors are used. Explosion-proof blowerss must use explosion-proof motors.

2. The material of the impeller and the material of the inner wall of the casing corresponding to the impeller are required to produce sparks when they collide, such as aluminum blades and iron inner wall, or iron blades and aluminum rings in the inner wall.

3. Explosion-proof blower has a lower limit on the clearance between impeller and casing. But fans in pursuit of efficiency often have an upper limit on headroom requirements, which are contradictory.

4, Explosion-proof blowerss on the import and export end of the safety protection requirements more stringent

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