The air knife drying system is applied to the characteristics

2020-07-11 17:21
The air knife drying system is applied to the characteristics of different series of air knife (such as standard air knife, stainless steel air knife, etc.), plus the design of the cooperation required for the main body of the dried object in the drying process, so as to achieve the purpose of timely air drying. It is generally applicable to beverage bottles (already applied to Robust, Sunrays, etc.), beer bottles (already applied to China Resources Snowflake, Budweiser, etc.), and cans (already applied to Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, etc.). For flat plates (such as glass plates, steel plates, etc.), rollers, flexible packaging, batteries, and small bottles (≤100ml), it can also be applied to square bottles, condensate bottles, and large bottles (5gal) after special design. In addition, although the air knife drying system is a system, it also has a drying solution for specific objects.
For the labeling of beer and beverage industry, the dewatering and drying process required before coding, and the air knife drying system are recognized by the market for their high performance, thanks to the extremely fast thin air and the need for heaters. Under the premise that the air temperature is 15°C higher than normal temperature, the application of the generated high-speed clean air flow in this field has replaced similar compressed air products. And the electrical energy consumption has been greatly reduced from the previous 30-15KW to 5.5-15KW, in exchange for it is close to 100% dryness. The appearance of the bottle body after labeling tends to be smoother and free of bubbles; the font after printing is clearer, and the improvement of this process provides a strong guarantee for superior quality.

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