ring blower specification

2020-07-17 09:20
In a large domestic TV accessories manufacturer, a total of 12 7.5KW ring blower were installed on the original drying and cleaning production line, and 20 air knives with a length of 800mm were installed. The drying effect was good or bad. Of the operators have no awareness of maintenance and have installed an unreasonable filter system, which sometimes leads to an increase in the defect rate of the metal backplane due to air pollution,

and the ring blower is easily damaged. To this end, Hank provides a high-speed fan and air knife system. The system is equipped with three HANK-100 11kw high-speed fans and 12 800mm long precision air knife. The drying effect of the backplane has been significantly improved, and a high-precision filter is provided according to the situation on the spot, which can not only ensure the safe operation of the high-speed fan system, but also improve the cleanliness of the air source and effectively improve the product qualification rate. , Reducing production costs.

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