What are the characteristics of vortex blowers

2020-10-15 23:55
The bearing of the vortex blowers is multi steel, which is more suitable for long-term uninterrupted operation. The angle blade design of industrial high pressure vortex blowers makes its air volume larger and wind pressure higher. Supply high quality vortex blowers, humanized independent wind blade design to avoid direct bearing damage, even in the direct extraction of waste. The vortex blowers adopts return air technology, even if it is extruded, it can run freely, which fully conforms to the situation of low air volume and low air pressure. The following describes the characteristics of vortex blowers.
vortex blowers

What are the characteristics of vortex blowerss
1. Powerful dual function
The unique suction dual function of vortex blowers can realize the dual use of a machine, which can use both air suction and blowing. There is also a high-pressure vortex air pump running with little oil or no oil, and the output air is clean, which is widely used in our life. Secondly, we should know that the pressure of vortex blowers is much higher than that of centrifugal fan and medium pressure fan, and the latter is often more than tens of times of centrifugal fan, which shows that the role of high-pressure fan is quite complete.
vortex blowers

2. Low requirements for foundation installation
If the pump body of the vortex blowers is die-casting as a whole and shock proof mounting base is used, the requirements for the installation foundation are also very low. It should be said that the high-pressure scroll air pump can be used without maintenance. Its wear parts are only two bearings, which basically do not need maintenance during the warranty period. The mechanical wear of high-pressure fan is relatively small, mainly because it is more convenient to install and use. In small sewage treatment and some aquaculture farms, vortex blowers (also known as high-pressure vortex air pump, annular fan or vortex blower) is called high-pressure blower by many people, but it is only one of the high-pressure vortex air pumps.

vortex blowers
3. The energy of multi blade composition is higher
The impeller of a vortex blowers is composed of many blades. When the impeller rotates, due to the action of centrifugal force, the air moves to the edge of the impeller, enters the annular cavity of the pump body, and then returns to the impeller. From the starting point of the blade, it returns to the impeller and circulates in the same way. In this process, the air is evenly and repeatedly accelerated, and then compressed in the form of helix, so that the pump body has a high energy. In principle, the vortex blowers is based on the dual effect of centrifugal force and vortex.
In a word, the equipment features of vortex blowers have double functions, low requirement of installation foundation, and higher energy of multi blade composition. With reliable quality, vortex blowers can be used in environmental protection, transportation, drying and other fields, mainly replacing compressor, water ring vacuum pump and other products. As mentioned above, the high-pressure vortex blowers is not only a fan, which is a general term. As long as the outlet wind pressure is to a certain extent, it can be called a fan.

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