The difference between side channel blower and vacuum cleaner

2020-07-20 10:55
Recently, there are often customers who need industrial vacuum cleaners for consultation, but come to consult our side channel blower . Today I will analyze the difference between side channel blower and industrial vacuum cleaners.

1. Side channel blower refers to a fan with a wind pressure of 30kPa ~ 200KPa or a compression ratio e = 1.3 ~ 3 under the design conditions. In the current industry, the gas ring vacuum pump is generally classified as a high-pressure fan, which is the main part of many large industrial equipment and the main part of industrial vacuum cleaners. Generally small in size, there are no moving parts other than the impeller, and the impeller is directly connected to the motor without the gear or drive belt. It has high reliability and is almost maintenance-free for life.
Applicable industries of Side channel blower: printing machinery, burner, bag blowing machine, laminating machine, plastic extrusion machine, fruit making machinery, dust collector, environmental machinery, woodworking machinery, hot air generator, powder conveyor, kitchen machinery , Dryer, incinerator, thermostat, mechanical cooling, general suction and supply air.

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