The Role of Dereike Ring Blower in Haze Control

2022-06-17 16:08
The role of dereike side channel blower in haze control
The use of coal in life is very extensive, but everything has its two sides, coal is the same. A lot of coal combustion also solves a lot of employment problems. There is no denying the economic benefits brought by coal combustion, but we can also control the quality and quantity of coal while burning and preparing coal. Air supply system for coal preparation: the air consumption points are basically filter press air, valve air and bucket air. These are all low pressure air, and the air bag is shared. The difference is that the air for valves needs to be filtered by a cold dryer. The wind pressure at these points is basically the same.
If there is a pressure filter in the factory, a dereike side channel blower and air bag are usually equipped. The pressure difference between dereike side channel blower and low pressure blower is about 0.5-0.8mpa.
Today, industrialization, human production and life has been inseparable from the industrial products of blowers, especially the emergence of dereike high-pressure blowers in recent years. The practicability and durability of dereike high-pressure blowers are highly praised by consumers in the market. Centrifugal blower is a kind of machinery which depends on the input mechanical energy, converts the mechanical energy into gas pressure, and transports gas outward. It is a kind of fluid machinery driven by external energy.
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Application of dereike explosion proof side channel blower
dereike explosion-proof high-pressure blower is mainly used in coal mine, oil and gas, petrochemical industry and chemical industry. In addition, it is also widely used in textile, metallurgy, city gas, transportation, grain and oil processing, paper making, medicine and other departments. As the main power equipment, explosion-proof motor is usually used to drive pumps, blowers, compressors and other transmission machinery.
With the development of science and technology and production, there are more and more places with explosion risk. For example, edible oil production used to use the traditional pressing process. After the 1970s, China began to introduce foreign advanced oil extraction process, but the chemical solvent containing hexane is used in this process, which is flammable and explosive. Therefore, the oil extraction workshop has become an explosion hazard area, and explosion-proof blowers and other explosion-proof electrical products are needed. For another example, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's highway, a large number of fuel filling stations have appeared, which also provides a new market for explosion-proof blowers.
At present, centrifugal blowers are widely used in factories, warehouses, mines, tunnels, vehicles, ships, cooling towers, buildings and other occasions; in addition, centrifugal blowers are also widely used in the ventilation and induced draft of boilers, blast furnaces and industrial furnaces; in addition, centrifugal blowers are also used in the cooling and ventilation of air conditioning equipment and household electrical appliances; the ventilation and pastry in hotels and canteens; the drying and selection of grains; the cooling and ventilation of air conditioning equipment and household electrical appliances; The wind source of air hole experiment and the inflation and propulsion of hovercraft are often used

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