How to distinguish the steering direction of side channel bl

2020-04-24 20:15
Whirlpool side channel blower is not allowed to reverse operation, only forward rotation, so how to distinguish the left and right rotation of side channel blower.
After receiving the goods, there will be an arrow indicating label on the body of the fan, which needs to be operated in this direction.

What if there is no arrow label?
One from behind the rear of the motor, the motor is allowed to rotate clockwise, that is to say, to move in the same direction as the clock.
Another is to see the air flow movement at the inlet and outlet. No matter what kind of vortex type side channel blower, the air inlet is fixed, standing at the back of the motor. The left port is the air inlet, and the right port is the air outlet.
The double leaf wheel fan or upper exhaust fan can distinguish which is the air inlet and which is the air outlet by changing the down thinking
If it is reversed, the pressure and flow will be greatly reduced, which will be much smaller, unable to meet the use requirements, and the heating will be very serious.
For single-phase electricity, there is no inversion, only direct wiring is needed to operate
For three-phase electricity, if the line sequence is not connected correctly, it will be reversed. If it is reversed, two of them can be replaced at will.
In short, it's very simple. It's right to work clockwise when looking at the rear of the motor.

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