sweetwater regenerative blower pump in sewage treatment

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-30 21:02
 At any time china's economic development, life is gradually satisfied, the spiritual pursuit will be higher. National government's environmental requirements more concerned, the country's development needs Jinshan Yinshan, but more green water green mountains, with the development of industrialization, our environment is seriously polluted, sweetwater blower is particularly serious, the earth's water resources are already scarce, so it is particularly urgent to solve the problem of water pollution.
       There are many ways of sewage treatment, one of which is the use of whirlpool gas pump, in the current sewage treatment industry, aeration is also the most environmentally friendly, the most economical way.
       The composition of the working equipment: 1, aeration pool is mainly composed of the pool body, aeration system and incoming and outgoing water port three parts. Pools are generally made of reinforced concrete, with rectangular, square and round shapes. 
       The main aeration methods are drum air aeration and mechanical aeration. 2, aeration of the main equipment drum air aeration, also known as compressed air aeration.
       The main gas source equipment is: whirlpool pump, Roz fan, centrifugal fan, rotary fan, sweetwater blower and so on.
       How it works: Drum air aeration is also known as compressed air aeration. The aeration pool using this method is mostly rectangular concrete pool, which is divided into several separate water-in-water compartments with partition walls, and each compartment is divided into several corridors. After the sewage is discharged into the pool, it flows down the corridor to the other end. Air is piped through the (Lion Song) vortex pump compressed air pump to the air diffusion device located at the bottom of the pool, become splendor dispersing, in the air-liquid interface to dissolve oxygen into water. 
       The diffusion device has four different types, such as porous tube, fixed helical aerator, water detector and micro-porous diffusion plate.
       Note: Sewage high-pressure fan in the equipment ventilation operation before the official water, first to carry out ventilation testing, ventilation before the start of the vortex sweetwater blower, open 50% of the wind volume of the fan, sent to the biochemical pool aeration pipeline detection, check the quality of welding installation of all nodes of the pipeline, can not have a leak ingress, not easy to detect when the application of soap water for detection, at this time,
sweetwater blower
       Fan operation pay special attention, such as swing fan can not operate empty, fan lubricants in the absence of pressure, lubricants can not be automatically recycled, the sweetwater blower has the risk of oil shortage operation, so in test leak detection, to constantly add the appropriate amount of lubricant from the inlet to allow the fan to operate normally. The vortex gas pump is the core equipment in the process of sewage treatment, which directly determines its effect and energy consumption. The biological method sewage treatment process mainly uses whirlpool pump for aeration of aeration, promotes the growth of aerobic microorganisms, and decomposes the suspended substances, soluble organic compounds and nutrient salts such as nitrogen and phosphorus through their metabolic action to achieve the purpose of sewage treatment, and is the core equipment of the sewage treatment plant.