Precautions for storage and handling of dereike side channel blower

2021-01-29 14:59
Precautions for storage and handling of side channel blower
There are several points to pay attention to in the storage process of side channel blower
1. According to the equipment packing list, check whether the main device dimensions of impeller, casing and other parts (such as center distance of anchor hole, diameter and orientation of inlet and outlet flange, center distance, center elevation of shaft) are consistent with the design;
2. The rotation direction of the impeller should conform to the rules of the technical documents of the equipment;
3. The air inlet and outlet shall be closely covered with cover plate to avoid dust and sundries entering;
4. Check the antirust condition of the exposed parts of the air blower, and check whether the rotor has obvious deformation or serious corrosion, bruise, etc. if there is any of the above conditions, discuss with the relevant units.
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The handling and hoisting of side channel blower shall meet the following requirements:
1. The air blower of the whole device, the rope for handling and hoisting, shall not be tied on the rings of the rotor and casing or bearing cover;
2. For the air blower assembled on site, the binding of the rope shall not damage the appearance of the parts, the center holes at both ends of the rotor and gear shaft, the thrust surface of the bearing bush and the end face of the thrust disk, the connecting bolt holes at the split surface of the casing, the rotor journal and the shaft seal shall not be used as the binding parts;
3. The rotor and casing of the fan with special medium are coated with maintenance layer, which should be strictly maintained without damage; 4. The rotor and gear shaft should not be directly placed on the ground to roll or move.
The intake pipe, exhaust pipe, valve conditioning installation and gas heating to cooling installation of air blower shall be provided with independent support and firmly connected with the foundation or other buildings; the flange surface of each pipeline shall be flat when connecting with the air blower, and shall not be hard pulled or stiff. The casing of air blower shall not accept the weight of other parts to avoid deformation of the casing. After the completion of the pipeline device, retest whether the different axial degrees of the unit can meet the requirements.
The smooth, oil cooling and sealing system of air blower shall be cleaned and unblocked, and the strength test shall be carried out on the pressure part. If the test pressure is irregular, the test pressure shall be 1.25-1.5 times of the maximum working pressure when the hydraulic test is used, and 1.05 times of the working pressure when the air pressure test is used; The smooth and sealed pipeline prepared on site shall be stopped for rust removal and cleaning.

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