Selection of side channel blower for melt-blown cloth production line

2020-05-18 15:31
In the selection of the side channel blower of the melt-blown cloth production line, we mainly choose through three parameters: air volume, wind pressure, and motor power.
According to the needs of users, help users determine these three parameters, which can meet the application of users in meltblown equipment, specifically.
First of all, let ’s talk about the parameter of downdraft. This is one of the main parameters of the fan, and it is also the main function to meet the workload.

This melt-blown cloth belongs to the instantaneous high pressure of air volume. At the same time, there are certain requirements for the air output per minute. If the side channel blower is too large, it will cause the flying conditions of the cloth.
Therefore, the choice of air volume is also very important, so it is recommended that users choose a professional fan manufacturer when choosing, because before the side channel blower has been used in meltblown applications, but relatively few applications, so now facing The market demand still needs to choose the experienced manufacturer to be more secure.
According to the many melt-blown cloth cases we have done so far! If the user does not understand the parameters, you can contact us at any time with Michelle electromechanical equipment!
The pressure requirements on the meltblown cloth are relatively high, generally require a pressure of 98kpa, and need to be debugged in actual applications.

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