roots blower maintenance

2020-05-14 19:11
1. Clean the high-pressure roots blower room regularly, keep it clean and well ventilated.
roots blower maintenance
2. Regularly check whether the oil dripping condition of the oil dripping nozzle is normal. If the oil dripping nozzle is dirty, remove the adjusting screw and clean it.
3. Regularly check the flexibility of safety valve. If it is not flexible, please clean and debug to ensure reliable opening and closing.
4. Regularly check whether the oil of high-pressure air mixes with water and other dirt and deteriorates. If it deteriorates, please change the oil in time.
5. Clean the filter of high-pressure fan regularly.
6. Regularly check whether there is oil or gas leakage and repair it. If it can't be repaired, please inform the manufacturer immediately.
roots blower
7. Check the operation condition of high-pressure fan and motor frequently, and shut down the machine for maintenance in time in case of abnormal noise and temperature.
8. Regularly check whether the air filter of high-pressure fan is dirty. If it is dirty, remove the air filter, unscrew the butterfly nut, take off the cover, clean the filter sponge, and do not drop the dirt into the cavity of high-pressure Roots fan when removing the filter.

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