The relationship between exhaust port size and noise of side channel blower, how to choose accessories?

2022-04-15 16:51
Although they are all side channel blower, if you look closely, you can find that their exhaust port size is completely different. And each size is designed according to the actual requirements, which contains a lot of attention, so do not ignore the importance of this aspect.
The size of the exhaust port of the side channel blower not only has a great relationship with the air flow output, but also plays a certain role in controlling the noise. If the exhaust port is designed too large or too small, the noise will be affected. From the point of view of environmental protection, the significance here is reflected. We must not underestimate the size of the exhaust port of the side channel blower. On the premise of meeting the operation requirements, we should try our best to control the noise and not make the noise bigger.
When we purchase the side channel blower, if the parameter performance of the side channel blower can not meet our needs, we can add accessories to the side channel blower. So how should we choose and purchase the accessories of the side channel blower? What problems should we pay attention to when purchasing the accessories of the side channel blower? Let's introduce it below.
Generally speaking, the following aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing the accessories of side channel blower:
1. Whether the purchased high-pressure air compressor accessories can meet the actual use needs, different types of accessories need to be selected for different types of equipment. Only when the accessories are matched with the equipment can they be used reasonably.
2. Considering the accuracy and reliability of the accessories of side channel blower. A small accessory can improve the performance of the equipment. It can be imagined that the selection of accessories is of great help to the use of the equipment and is closely related to the normal operation of the equipment.
3. Consider the quality of accessories of side channel blower. Only when the quality of purchased accessories is high, can it play a positive role and serve the operation of the equipment. Although, the price of high-quality accessories will be slightly higher, but as long as the performance of the equipment can be improved, it is worth noting.
4. The choice of parts manufacturers is also very important. Although, the size of accessories is small, but do not underestimate this small accessories, therefore, it is also important to choose the manufacturer of accessories.
The selection and purchase of side channel blower accessories is just like the purchase of side channel blower. If the purchase is not accurate, it will not change the performance of side channel blower very well, so we need to pay attention to when purchasing.

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