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2021-10-22 16:38

Seven reasons that you should choose ring blower

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In general, the side channel blower has the following characteristics:

1. The utility model has the functions of blowing and sucking, and can be used for both suction and blowing.
2. Running with or without oil, the output air is clean.
3. Compared with centrifugal fan and medium-pressure fan, its pressure is much higher, often more than ten times of centrifugal blower.
4. If the pump body is die-cast as a whole and the shockproof mounting pedestal is used, the requirement for the mounting foundation is very low.
It can even operate normally without the fixed pedestal, which is very convenient and saves installation cost and installation cycle.

5. Compared with other types of fans, such as Roots fans, the noise of their operation is lower, and the greater the power, the more obvious it is, the more 5.5KW it will show.
6. Maintenance-free use; its wear-and-tear parts are only two bearings, which do not need maintenance basically within the warranty period;
7. The mechanical wear of side channel blower is very small, because there are no other mechanical contact parts except bearings,
so the service life of side channel blower is of course very long, as long as it is in normal service conditions, 10 years is totally no problem.

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