Characteristics of side channel blower pneumatic conveying application

2023-03-08 15:14
Pneumatic conveying system mainly makes use of side channel blower to develop a particular speed of air circulation in the pipe, to attain the mass material along a specific pipeline from one location to an additional. The stress in the communicating pipe of the pneumatic conveying system is less than the atmospheric pressure, which can be divided right into low vacuum cleaner and high vacuum according to the vacuum degree of the system.

System principle

1. The pneumatic conveying system normally uses Dereike side channel blower as the source of power to pump the pipeline and container into a specific vacuum state;
2. The gas-solid two-phase flow in the cyclone separator separates most materials from the gas bits due to centrifugal force as well as gravity;
3. A percentage of product as well as gas get in the dirt collector, and the material and gas are divided with the filter bag;
4. The separated gas is discharged into the environment.

Performance qualities

1. Low sound, fan inlet and also outlet are geared up with integrated muffler tube;
2. Trusted procedure, sturdy, reduced maintenance;
3. High temperature resistance, improve the procedure reliability and also life span of the follower;
4. Wide performance array, can satisfy your specific application requirements;
5. Appropriate for 50/60HZ vast voltage electric motor;
6. Tiny volume, lightweight, special shockproof foot layout, thus significantly reducing the resonance generated in the procedure of the fan.

Commonly used

Side channel blowers are extensively utilized in the pneumatic conveying product market. A lot of food sharing, such as rice, corn, soybeans, and so on, commercial elements such as salt, plastic bits, building and construction sectors such as sand, etc, all make use of side channel blowers.

Issues requiring interest

Being used, the high pressure air electrical outlet can be utilized to blow the material, or the suction electrical outlet can be used to pump the product. When pumping, pay attention to filtering, do not let the product into the side channel blower, so regarding stay clear of wear or jam.

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