Performance Characteristics of Dereike side channel blower

 Article     |      2019-09-04 13:30
Performance Characteristics of Dereike side channel blower:
1.Small size, beautiful appearance.
2.The fluctuation of pressure and flow rate is small. It adopts 50/60Hz broadband motor with wide performance range.
3.Energy saving and environmental protection. Compared with the same type of machine, the running current is smaller.
4.It can be installed in any direction along the axis.
5.ADC12 integral die casting moulding, durable, anti-corrosion
6.Pre-bearing design is adopted to achieve the best dynamic balance configuration and greatly reduce the operating temperature of impeller end bearing.
7.Imported bearing with high speed, high precision and high temperature resistance, reliable operation, NSK, SKF
8.Good stability of operating pressure
9.The design of Shockproof foot base reduces the requirement of equipment for installation foundation and has low noise.

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