The role and characteristics of air blower in drying equipmeThe role and characteristics of air blower in drying equipment

2020-05-04 16:46
The air blower is a air blower output device. Its pressure and flow rate are very high, and it can be applied to many high-pressure places.
In this article, I will talk about how the fan is used in the drying equipment. The method of use will vary, but the differences are similar.
air blower is an important part of the drying equipment system,
And the air blower is in this system,
There are two different arrangements, and the final use effect and the scope of application will therefore be somewhat different.
In the drying system, the most common arrangement is the combination of a single induced draft fan and a double-drum-induced draft fan.
In the former form, a single induced draft fan is placed after the dust recovery device, so that the drying equipment is operated under negative pressure.
The advantage of this drying system is that dust and harmful gases will not leak into the atmosphere,
However, due to the high negative pressure in the drying equipment,
Frequent start and stop of high-pressure fans will cause local instability in the tower and leakage of external air into the dryer.
Therefore, the single air induction method is only suitable for small drying systems.
For some large-scale drying equipment, two fans are needed, one as a blower and the other as an induced fan.
This system has greater stability and flexibility,
Can adjust the pressure distribution of the pipeline while improving the operating conditions of the dryer to make it operate under a slightly negative pressure close to atmospheric pressure
When the high-pressure fan is used in the drying equipment in this form,
Not only takes into account the advantages of negative pressure operation, but also avoids the large negative pressure operation,
Let the air leak into the system, selected as the shortcoming of reduced drying efficiency,
At the same time, the micro-negative pressure operation can ensure that the dust recovery device has a recovery rate.
In the actual production of drying operations, which kind of fan and which way of working to choose,
Must consider many factors, specifically related to the model, capacity and operating conditions of the air blower.
Anyway, in the use of the system, only the air blower that meets the actual requirements is our final choice.

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