Vacuum blower used for building secondary structure masonry

2020-07-20 11:09
The uses of  Vacuum blower are various. This is not a customer who recently found us. They need to order several Vacuum blower with double impellers to use on his construction site.
This customer is in the construction industry, contracting projects, and there is another construction project for secondary structural work, so this kind of fan is needed.
Often understand in detail, we generally understand the other principles of use and how it works.
Vacuum blower

In the construction process of masonry:
Set up structural columns, door columns, lintels (ring beams), concrete slabs with tie bars, tie bars → base layer treatment → watering and wetting → base leveling → measurement payout → brick row bottom → standing skin count bar → Arrange the blocks → pull the wire → build the three-skin lime-sand bricks at the bottom of the wall → aerated block masonry → acceptance → water and electricity to connect the pipeline.

vacuum blower
The anchorage length of planting bar varies according to the type of structural adhesive and the diameter of the steel bar. According to the design requirements, the anchoring length and hole diameter of the planting bar of different specifications of steel bar are shown in the following table. The drilling depth shall pass the self-inspection of the construction team and pass the technical and quality inspection of the project and be reported to Party A and the supervisor for inspection.
Here is the surface treatment of the hole wall: brush the dust out of the tested hole and use a vacuum blower to clean the ash residue in the hole using the high-pressure and high flow rate of the fan to clean the ash inside and blow out the dust. Then clean the walls of the well with acetone.
The model selected here needs to be determined according to the situation on site. Generally, it is not necessary to select a high-power one. It is sufficient to select a few kw. When using it on site, you need to install a filter at the inlet of the fan. The scene is chaotic and the dust is relatively large, so some protection is needed.


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