Types and functions of common blowers

2020-05-18 15:25
The industry of blowers equipment has been developing steadily year by year, and more and more products have been launched to meet the needs of users. These products not only cater to more occasions, but also do more and more comprehensively on the refinement function.
From the initial factory fan to the current intelligent fan equipment, the industry seems to have been booming.
In terms of function alone, this kind of equipment has developed from the past exhaust ventilation to the current cooling and dust removal, which really brings too much convenience to users. This is the progress of science and technology, and the progress of the times, and also makes the various blower equipments have greater use value, mainly manifested in the following points:
1. Ventilation
This is the earliest function of fan equipment. It is generally used in the factory production workshop. Because there may be a large amount of dust and gas in production, it must be eliminated as soon as possible, so as not to affect the order of production.
At this time, it is necessary to use fan equipment to meet the requirements. This equipment not only has good exhaust effect, but also has a long service life and can operate for many hours.
The characteristics of these aspects are very in line with the usage scenarios of the factory, so the fan equipment and the factory have a close relationship. Even today, fans of this type of function still exist, but they are much smarter than the devices of the past.

2. Cooling and drying
In summer, some large occasions also use fan equipment. At this time, the main function is to cool down this area, which is a function that traditional fan equipment does not have, but such equipment is produced at the user's demand.
Especially for those occasions where there are many people, sometimes such equipment is very needed to ventilate and cool down. Not only can the cooling effect be achieved through ventilation, but also the cooling effect can be played in the equipment itself. Such a situation can eliminate the heat, which is more conducive to people's activities here and helps users solve related problems.
3. Smoke exhaust fan
There is still a class of equipment that is widely used, generally used in large kitchens. This kind of scenery is mainly used to eliminate the oil fumes generated during the cooking process, so that the chef can focus more on cooking, and will not be affected by the smoke during the cooking process.
This type of equipment is more stringent in terms of details, because it allows users to use it more smoothly, and can really meet certain requirements with the help of the equipment.
4. High-pressure blower
This type of fan is generally used in high pressure occasions, such as sewage aeration, oxygen-enhanced pressurized air supply, and the matching of various production products and equipment. These fans can be seen.



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