Turbo blower can transport food

2020-04-29 16:10
Can Turbo blower transport grain, or can Turbo blower be used on grain machinery and equipment? The answer is yes.
In grain machinery, it can be used in skewer prototypes, including automatic skewer prototypes, fixed skewer prototypes, small skewer prototypes, etc. The specific operation process can be viewed: The principle of high-pressure drums conveying grains on the same machine.

In this mechanical equipment, high suction double impeller blowers are often used, and the power is commonly 5.5kw and 7.5kw, and large ones can use double impellers 15kw. Use effect and principle reference: 7.5kw suction fan of grain sampler.
After absorbing food through the trachea, after starting the fan, the trachea can reach a certain suction force and flow rate, so as to achieve the purpose of absorbing food, and can act on soybeans, rice, corn, wheat, cereals and so on.
In addition to this, it can also be used for air blowing and up and down ventilation of grain piles. In the case where some grains are not dried, if they encounter continuous rainy days, this is the most likely to mold and damage the grain. If the water in the pile does not evaporate, it will cause the temperature to rise, which is conducive to the growth and reproduction of mold. If no measures are taken, the grain will be destroyed.
At this time, you can use the blowing function of the high-pressure blower to ventilate up and down, because the pressure of the fan is large, you can lay the pipe or insert it into the grain pile to blow the heat.

Because a little benefit is that, because the Turbo blower out dry hot air, it is more conducive to the dehumidification and drying of grain, just like the constant drying, so as to avoid moldy moisture.
In the process of action, the air intake needs to be protected. The air inlet needs to be equipped with a filter to filter the air. The fan must not be sucked into the debris to avoid damage to the Turbo blower.

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