The lack of turbo blower technology

2020-04-29 16:24
With the explosive growth of new coronary pneumonia across the country, the demand for ventilator has also increased a lot, because it is the key life-saving straw for patients, but the core technology and part mainly come from abroad.
Its core components, such as turbo blower, sensors, chips, etc. are imported from abroad,
For example, a turbo blower, which is equivalent to the engine of a ventilator, provides positive pressure gas to the patient, assists the patient to breathe, and enhances gas exchange and cardiopulmonary coupling.
The sensor is mainly used to monitor the pressure and flow of the patient's breath to automatically adjust how much pressure and flow is output.
"These core components are mainly from Europe and the United States. Although there are also domestic manufacturers, the noise, speed, sensor accuracy and sensitivity of the fan are somewhat different from those of overseas products, and the use effect is not as good as that of imported manufacturers.
For example, turbo blowers need to have high speed and fast response speed, so as to quickly increase or decrease the pressure according to the patient's breathing frequency, if the output pressure is not enough, or the response speed is not fast enough, it will make the patient unable to get effective treatment. "
The relevant person in charge of a medical equipment company that produces ventilators in Nanjing also said,
At present, the supply of core components for ventilator production is insufficient, such as chips, flow sensors, proportional valves, fans, etc.
The company's previous proportional valves came from Germany and Italy, turbo fans came from Germany, and pressure sensors came from the United States.
"We are also trying to use alternative materials, but the ventilator has strict requirements for the reliability and safety of the equipment for long-term use, so only by solving the material distribution of the source supplier can we increase the production capacity with quality and quantity."

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