Slaughter breeding treatment

2022-09-16 15:13
Before we have presented the role of the fan in sewage treatment, today we are going to discuss the function of the fan in the treatment of aquaculture or slaughtering wastewater

Quick Analysis of Standard equipment:

1, grid swimming pool: aquaculture sewage typically entrained with a great deal of large foreign bodies, such as large seminiferous tubules, which require to be pre-removed.

2. Manure build-up tank: sewage gets in the manure collection tank after the grid tank, which is utilized to regulate the water quality and amount. A submersible mixer is installed to blend the sewage and manure residue evenly, and a cutting pump is utilized to raise the manure to the solid-liquid separator.

3, solid-liquid separator: collected in the collection tank of feces water, including a large number of pig hair is not conducive to fermentation and simple to block the water pump, valve parts of the solid; Solid and liquid separation is set behind the collecting tank. The crude fiber and pig hair that have not been digested completely are removed, and these pollutants are tough to be decomposed either anaerobic or aerobic. The residence time of anaerobic biochemical reaction should reach more than 40 days, and at the same time, a large amount of biogas slag will be produced. The aerobic biochemical response has little capability to break down such substances, and it is simple to trigger system paralysis. Removing this toxin directly reduces the load on the subsequent sewage treatment system, and it is the best raw material for natural fertilizer. This scheme utilizes solid liquid separator vibrating screen, screen 30 mesh, filter particle size only 0.65 mm.

4, the intellectual livestock and poultry manure leaven a body of processing preparation: the fundamental concept of tank sealed fermentation technology is to put fresh pig manure in a tank sealed stainless steel container, add high-efficiency aerobic germs, aerobic fermentation at high temperature, biodegradation, evaporation of water, muscle fertilizer.

5, black movie digester: black movie anaerobic fermentation pond is an anaerobic reactor formed by the bottom membrane and the top membrane seal on the basis of great excavation earthwork, utilizing top quality HDPE product. Black movie biogas chemical has exceptional chemical stability, widely used in sewage treatment, chain reaction pool, landfill. High and low temperature resistance, asphalt, oil and tar resistance, acid, alkali, salt and other 80 sort of strong acid strong alkali chemical medium corrosion; In the black film anaerobic fermentation pond, sewage organic matter is transformed into biogas by destruction of microbes. The system is equipped with biogas purification and utilization facilities, and sludge collection and drying centers. Anti-aging performance with excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-decomposition ability, can be utilized bare, the life span of the product up to 60-80 years, to supply an excellent material guarantee for ecological seepage. With the extensive research study of anaerobic digestion theory, people have established a variety of high effectiveness anaerobic bioreactors, black film biogas pool set fermentation, gas storage utilizing HDPE seepage movie will be fully closed anaerobic pond, the use of biogas power generation waste heat, black film to take in sunlight, warming and heat preservation impact is good, the bottom of the swimming pool is geared up with automatic sludge discharge device. The use of biogas technology to treat farm sewage has the advantages of less sludge and low operating expense. At the same time, it can control the flow of contaminants in the production procedure, reduce the degree of pollution of crops themselves, control the disease and attain absolutely no sewage discharge. After anaerobic digestion and rainfall of agricultural waste, natural fertilizer is produced, and ultimately no emission of manure is achieved. Using anaerobic germs in the black film biogas digester, make the organic matter hydrolysis, acidification and methanation, get rid of the raw material in the wastewater, decompose the high portion organic matter into little molecular organic matter, improve the biodegradability of sewage, contributes to the subsequent aerobic treatment. It makes the subsequent aerobic biochemical system easy to control, easy operation and steady operation. With sufficient anaerobic response, the COD elimination rate can reach more than 60%, that is, when the anoxic tank gets in the COD15000mg/L, the effluent COD of the anoxic tank can be reduced to below 6000mg/L. If the response time of the anaerobic tank is long and enough, the COD can be decreased to less than 2000mg/L. The impact of polymer organic matter in the wastewater treatment system is manifested as turbidity of water, big amount of flocculant and poor result, and the sludge can not be broken down after absorption in the aerobic biochemical procedure, which seriously impacts the biochemical system. It is typically revealed that the aerobic biochemical system is running for a time period and gradually deteriorates and lastly breaks down, leading to the disintegration of sludge suspended in the water without settling, and the effluent is cloudy, dark and high SS. The anaerobic degradation procedure of macromolecular raw material can be divided into 4 phases: hydrolysis phase, fermentation (or acidification) stage, acetic acid phase and methanogenesis stage. Through the above four phases of reaction, the polymer raw material in the wastewater is decomposed into small particles, and the organic matter in the wastewater is gotten rid of, so regarding lower the biological load of the subsequent biological treatment and enhance its biochemical homes.

6, air drifting separator: aquaculture wastewater has particular attributes, the concentration of suspended matter is extremely high, and the suspension has an excellent effect on the bio-chemical system, must be set up in the front end of the biochemical pool air floating separation equipment to eliminate suspended matter.

The role of Dereike Side Channel Blowers in this process:

A. The high-pressure blower can not just inhale however likewise blow air into the manure storage tank to increase the contact area between the manure storage and the air. One maker and two - use result, economic concern.
B, the vortex blower itself in the operation of the mechanical wear is small, long service life.
C, the fan utilizes a wide frequency and voltage motor, stable operation.
D, the inlet and outlet of the vortex fan are geared up with silencing cotton to lower the wind noise created by the fan, that is, to accomplish low sound and not to bring trouble to the surrounding residents.
E, high pressure fan is durable and simple to maintain.

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