Ring blower china manufacture

2020-05-14 19:13
Precautions for operation of ring blower:
1. The air volume shall be adjusted by means of bypass reflux, and the outlet valve shall not be closed too small.
2. The temperature rise of the fan shall not be too high, otherwise the rotor is easy to be heated and expanded and "killed".
3. When it is not used for a long time, it shall be turned regularly to prevent the rotor from rusting and being unable to start.
4. In winter when the temperature is low, the tar in the gas is easy to stick to the rotor, the operation load is increased, and even the balance of the rotor is damaged. At this time, solvent oil or heavy oil is added from the gas inlet for cleaning, and the effect is good.

Ring blower china manufacture
Treatment method for seal wear of ring blower:
1. Use tools to adjust the clearance for the treatment of large rotor gap;
2. Replace the sealing device with the sealing air leakage treatment method;
3. The filter mesh plugging treatment method is to replace or clean the filter.
Ring blower china manufacture
 How to deal with motor overload:
1. The lubricating oil is not good. It is recommended to change the high-quality lubricating oil here;
2. The oil ring does not rotate or rotates too slowly. It is recommended to repair or replace it here;
3. The alignment of fan shaft motor is poor, so it is recommended to re align.
2、 How to deal with seal wear:
1. The coaxiality error between the seal ring and the shaft sleeve is large, so the solution is to replace the worn parts;
2. The shaft is bent or the sundries enter the sealing ring, the solution is to remove the sundries and carry out shaft correction;
3. If the rotor vibration is too large or the bearing clearance is too large, the solution is to replace the bearing and remove the influence of deformation.

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