How to avoid damage and bad influence caused by improper use of ring blower

2022-02-28 10:05

The regenerative blower needs to pay attention to the following problems in use, to avoid damage and impact caused by improper use or poor consideration.

1. Voltage situation

Pay attention to the stability of the voltage during use, especially in some remote areas or places close to the power generation area. If it is unstable, you can install a voltage stabilizer or a protector.

2. Surrounding environment

The high-pressure fan should be installed in a dry and clean place. If the surrounding environment is not good, filtering equipment is needed. If it absorbs water vapor, oil-vapor separation equipment needs to be installed. Liquid and high concentration are not allowed to enter the fan directly.

3. Load situation

For the load, each regenerative blower has a rated current on the nameplate. No matter what type of fan, it is not allowed to run for a long time with overload. If the current is too high, it means that the resistance is too large, or the model is selected to be small, resulting in small Horse-drawn carts will have problems in the long run.

4. Pay attention to fever

If the regenerative blower generates a lot of heat when it is used, you need to check what it is. In general, the intake air temperature is recommended to be within 60 degrees and the front pump head is within 110 degrees.
Other vibration conditions, if the vibration is too large, you can check whether the lower bearing has reached the end of its service life, and replace it with a new one.

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