How to choose a blower brand

2020-05-19 19:44
With the development of network technology, today, everyone can quickly and easily query the information they want without leaving the house. This was unimaginable in the era when the Internet was not popular more than a decade ago.
In the past, the sales work of the blower relied on the salesman to run the business, communicate with the customer face-to-face, and can see the customer's equipment and working mode, so as to determine which type of fan to use, what you see in the eyes and the phone The communication here is completely different.
Why do you say that you can see customer needs more quickly and intuitively, and formulate effective and implementable solutions? If you communicate on the phone, the meaning expressed by the customer and the meaning understood by the salesperson may be different There is a discrepancy due to the discrepancy.
However, with the changes in the times and work efficiency issues, more than 90% of the customers are online to find the fan manufacturer, and then communicate with the phone to determine the final order, which is convenient, but the information on the Internet is very messy. , I don't know its quality, and I don't know how the company is, whether it is good or not.

For example, we can search for a blower or any other product. The top ones are basically filled with advertisements, especially the mobile phone Baidu. The advertisements fill the entire first page, and the advertisements are booming with the previous ones. The Wei Zexi incident is of the same nature.
If you give Baidu money, it will put you in the front, no matter what your things are, as long as you are willing to spend money, it will make you rank in the top three, which is equivalent to unfair competition, ranging from a few hundred yuan a day, and more Thousands of dollars, everyone is spending money on this, who will invest more in research and development.
Moreover, I will never check how your company is qualified, what the product is, whether there is a corresponding certificate, etc., and like a small customer, I will not come to the door to see. One or two are not worthwhile, no problem. Fortunately, if something goes wrong, then it is inevitable to lie.
side channel blower
So, how do we choose the blower brand?
In addition to the nature of these advertisements, the others are all natural rankings, which are based on their own product optimization and ranking based on their own strength. You can refer to these brands and companies, see more, compare, and then communicate You can know what the manufacturer's business knowledge is, not familiar with it, what is the application plan and use cases in various industries, and what is the policy.

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