Electroplating wastewater treatment

2022-01-05 14:36
Treatment of waste water or waste liquid discharged from electroplating production. 
The waste water and waste liquid discharged from the electroplating factory contain a large number of metal ions such as chromium, pick, nickel, cyanide, acid, alkali and organic additives. 
Some metal ions exist in the form of simple cations, some in the form of acid radical anion, and some in complex complex ions. 

Electroplating wastewater treatment - Dereike
Chemical methods such as neutralization precipitation, neutralization coagulation precipitation, oxidation, reduction, barium salt and ferrite are commonly used in the treatment of electroplating wastewater. 
The chemical method has the advantages of simple equipment, low investment and wide application, but it often leaves sludge that needs further treatment.

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