Dereike DP Turbo Permanent magnet synchronous high speed turbine fan

2020-09-11 15:01

Dereike DP Turbo Permanent magnet synchronous high speed turbine fan

   1.Higher efficiency, efficiency up to 87%,longer service life, high transmission efficiency.

2.Ultra low energy consumption, using permanent magnet synchronous high-speed motor,direct speed up to 18000r/ min, ultra-low energy consumption.

3.Maintenance free design, using direct structure design, no belt, tension pulley system and other vulnerable parts, with higher stability and longer service life.There is no need to replace the belt and other maintenance.

4.With flexible operation, working frequency of 0-600hz,equipped with permanent magnet synchronous frequency convert er, can realize stepless speed regulation, and with real-time monitoring,can real-time monitor the speed,frequency, voltage,current,temperature,etc.of the blower.

5.lts volume and weight are only 50% of the belt driven series high-speed centrifugal fans, and the installation and trans portation are more convenient; the European standard ie3 or IE4 permanent magnet high-effciency motor can be selected; the special type can withstand 200 ℃C temperature, and the suction steam can still operate normally.

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