2019-11-30 15:45

The advantages of DEREIKE centrifugal blowers in air knife drying system

Dereike is a company that manufactur centrifugal blower.The blowers are widely used in Electronic semiconductor, food and medicine, food and beverage drying, automobile industry, sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying, ultrasonic cleaning, etc.


Dereike centrifugal blower provide a higher efficiency, save more energy in  Ultrasonic cleaning machine drying equipment, compared with the traditional blower, Dereike centrifugal blower have the following advantages:


1, Traditional super centrifugal fan when pressure get larger and the air flow is smaller, the higher air flow, the small pressure has, however, our Dereikehigh speed centrifugal blower has a direct proportion, high flow with strong pressure, the air speed is such as 18 typhoon up to 250-250 m/SEC!



2. The speed of Dereike high speed centrifugal blower reaches 20,000 RPM. Due to high speed, no need heat high speed, the blowers can blow out hot air to drying the material.


3. Full types of super centrifugal blowers have vertical type and horizontal type, provide the choice to install the blowers, and especially for the outlet size, can adjust 360degree, can be customized according to customers' requirements.


4, After many times test results with the traditional centrifugal blower,  under the same 5.5 kw blower, traditional air blower speed is  4000RPM, our Dereike high-speed centrifugal blower can reach 20000 RPM, it is 5times higher than the traditional air blower. Not only improve the drying effectively, but also save more energy for customers.


5. The disadvantage of the centrifugal blower industry is the noise. Many enterprisestold that the blower noise has a great influence on the ear membrane damage of employees, which leads to the increase of employee turnover rate. according to the noise problem, Dereike independently developed the sound silencer box of the centrifugal blower, which can reduce about 70% noise. Now it is widely used in the drying industry.


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