Dereike Centrifugal Blower used in Food Processing and Packi

2019-11-26 14:09

Dereike Centrifugal Blower used in Food Processing and Packing

Whether cleaning, drying, coating or conveying, food processors and packagers rely on the high speed Air Knife Blower Systems to improve their production.

- Benefits:

Energy Saving, Using ABB motor energy conversion reaches 85%

IE2 And IE3 Motor, High class protection

Easy to install and maintance free

Oil free and low noise

Competitive Price, good quality, Die-casting process

Both suction and blowing at the same time, Durable voltage


- Detail Applications:

Better water removal

More even coating of cheeses, bakery products, etc.

Improved sanitation of crates, trays, pans and conveyors

Blow off, dry and convey for Beverage Factory

Can dry the tops and under the rims of cans, jars and bottles

After wash or rinse

Distribute coating

Prior to ink jet coding

Prior to overpackaging

Prevent bacteria

Blow off cleaning

Accurate weighing

Convey & sort

Before labeling

Post shrink tunnel

Prevent ice buildup

Packaged meats

Processed foods


Food molds & pans


Frozen foods

Tin cans


Jars & Bottles

Conveyor belts


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