installation of side channel blower

 Blower Technology     |      2019-11-02 19:58
1. Installation site: it shall be installed indoors and free from wind and rain
2. Ambient temperature: below 40 ℃
3. Relative humidity: less than 80%
4. Air quality: if the air contains corrosive or flammable gases such as acid and alkali, it should not be transported by high-pressure blower to avoid danger. Explosion proof blower can be selected.
5. Dust protection: avoid using in places with a lot of dust, powder solid or fiber. If it is necessary to use in such places, please install a filter, and regularly clean the dust attached to the filter screen and the inside of the side channel blower
6. Ventilation and heat dissipation: please choose to use in a well ventilated place, not in a closed room or box.