side channel blower pressure relief valve

 Blower Technology     |      2019-10-18 11:37
The pressure relief valve of side channel blower is composed of piston group, cylinder, protective cover, etc.
2. The piston group is composed of piston, clamp plate, 0-shaped sealing ring, pull rod and other parts.
3. The piston group can be installed from the left end of the cylinder and fixed in the cylinder through the chuck.
4. The normal working pressure system of pressure relief valve of side channel blower is ≤ 0.785 (8kg / cm2).
5. The temperature and pressure in the system will increase instantaneously when the air bag is on fire due to carbon deposition or gas explosion in the air bag due to some reason.
6. When the pressure rises to 10.5 ± 0.5kg/cm2, the pull rod must be pulled off immediately, and the pressure relief valve
7. The cylinder is made of cylinder block, left and right flange by assembly welding.
8. In order to prevent rust and enhance wear resistance, the inner surface of the cylinder shall be plated with hard chromium. Move left and right.
9. When the pressure relief valve of side channel blower is released, the protective cover can prevent the piston from flying out and hurting people.

relief valve
relief valve

relief valve